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Polished Cement turns your drab, gray cement into beautiful alternative flooring for a homeowner. Techniques; such as polishing concrete will smooth all the roughness out of the existing cement making the surface more like what is seen in a retail store. Those beautiful shinning store floors that sometime look like they are marble or stone can now be a part of a home. Polishing is done with a machine that has diamond pads which polishes the floors to high gloss shine. This prepares the cement for different methods to put color and texture on what is a gray slab of cement.

Using Cement stain after polishing, allows color to be added by using Acid stain. Scrubbing the stain into the cement when the floor is dried, the cement is transformed into beautiful, glossy color. Stain can also be added to the cement as it is being pour, which can be done for new applications, such as patios, side walks or even pool decking and driveways. stain for cement floorThe great thing about staining is that the stain picks up the unique variations of the cement itself.

There are many ways to bring your cement to life. Freshly poured cement not only can be stained and color added but also a creative technique called Stamping can be done to give the cement a pattern. Freshly poured cement can be poured and cured until firm and different patterns can then be pressed into the cement using stamping pads. These pads have to be laid by more than one person and experience is the key to have a great looking pattern in you newly poured cement.

Once you have chosen the color, stain or even a stamping pattern for your cement application the last step is sealing to protect all that has been done. Many sealers are made to seal cement. One of the best protectors is using an Epoxy sealer. This type of sealer is much more resistant to damage done by such things of chemicals and gas and grease. garage floor cement epoxy coatingIt is primarily use for garage floors or out door applications, it is best applied by professionals as the vapors and application requires protective equipment. Indoor application also should be done by cement professional, as these type of sealers also need to be applied cautiously.

Contact a Cement professional in your area and discuss how these techniques can bring fresh color and shine to your cement application.

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